21 Reasons to Sell Your Austin House Fast

There are plenty of reasons normal people want to sell their house fast and we’ve heard more than a few of them.

The one common thing between all those situations is that if you call us we’ll be straightforward, transparent and fair.  Everything is confidential.

It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, well take care of it for you.

In Probate?  Foreclosure?  Divorce?  Have bad tenants?  Moving?  Upside down on your mortgage?  Liens?  Behind on payments?

Does your house have water damage?  Hail damage?  Fire damage?  Did you lose a job?  Medical bills piling up?  Student loan debt?  Credit card debt?

Have an investment property with issues?  Inherited a house out of state?  Bought another house and don’t want two mortgages?

Downsizing?  Don’t want to make costly repairs?  Have little or no equity and need to sell?

See how our process works

Repairs are costly and with latest storm season they are only increasing 

I’ve seen roofing prices 4X normal and insurance companies will only cover a portion of the cost.  Beware of shady contractors. These guys will be coming out of the woodwork to scam the victims of the recent storms.

One of the calling cards of scammers is to have two different prices: a cash price and a price they’ll pay to the insurance company.

Don’t let these guys anywhere near your house. Make sure to get multiple bids from contractors and make sure the bids are detailed. Their bids should include a scope of work with lengths and total area for repair or replacement.

Roofers typically use the word squares to describe the total area of roof to be replaced. Each “square is equal to 100 square feet.

Also, avoid any scammers who offer “floor relief services” or claim to be “flood relief home buyers”.  These people are likely amateurs who are looking to capitalize on the flood damage.  If you’re looking to sell a flood damaged home make sure the buyer you’re talking to has a track record of buying homes in your area.

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Beware of contractors price gouging after the storm season.

Have health issues and medical bills piling up?

This is a common situation as the American health care system is one of the world’s most expensive.  If you need cash to cover medical expenses then selling your house may be a viable solution.

We understand the circumstances regarding health/medical issues and are empathetic to them.  Sometimes unpaid medical bills can place a burden on an individual or family that can bleed into other areas including home ownership.

There are also situations where a seller can be allowed to stay in the house for a period after the sale if necessary.  And if we’re not you best option then we’ll be very clear about it.

Have you inherited an out of town or out of state property?

If the property is in less than perfect condition then you may want to sell it for cash.  We make the process quick and easy.  We have experience performing remote closings so you’ll never have to leave your house to get paid.

We are specialists when it comes to buying homes from owners who inherited them.  They can often be a financial or emotional burden and we’re always conscious of each situation.  Our services provide the smoothest transaction possible.

If you live out of town or out of state then the maintenance required to keep a home in good condition can be a burden. There is HVAC, plumbing and lawn care maintenance required on a continuous basis.

Remember: homes need people to take care of them.  And if you’ve got a home that is in a place other than where you live then selling might be the answer for you.

Are you behind on payments or facing foreclosure?

This is a serious situation and we recommend dealing with it as soon as possible.  We have experience in preventing foreclosure and can close in as little as 7 days.  Foreclosure is the beginning of ten year nightmare and selling the house will alleviate future hassles.

Don’t wait till the sheriff knocks on your door.  Don’t let creditors hound you day and night with phone calls.  Lenders can file a deficiency judgement for up to the full value of the loan but you can avoid it by simply selling your house.

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Foreclosure effects aren’t over once the house is auctioned. They’ve just begun.

Are you separated or divorced?  This is an incredibly difficult situation and selling a home through traditional means will only lengthen the process.

If you want to move on quickly then selling your house for cash is an option.

REMEMBER: Everything we do is completely confidential and our only concern is that we accommodate our sellers to the best of our abilities.

If you’re just looking to save a few dollars on realtor fees then we’re not the company for you.  We work with people who are better served to sell their house via non-traditional means.

The traditional method of selling real estate requires an agent listing your house on the MLS (multiple listing service).  The agent will show the property to prospective buyers, typically first time home buyers, and solicit offers.

Our customers prefer not to show their house to hordes of people and instead trust us to simplify and shorten the process.  We have access to capital that allows us to buy houses quickly and have the experience to guide sellers through the transaction smoothly.

We’re experienced home buyers with intimate knowledge of the Austin market.  We’ve been buying houses in Austin since 2015 and can buy them in as little as 7 days.

Austin's trusted cash home buyer
Make sure to sell your house to an experienced, trusted home buyer.

We buy houses as-is with cash so there’s no need to make costly repairs.  When you work with us you won’t have to pay any realtor commissions and we also cover all closing costs.

If you’re looking to sell your Austin house fast then we’re the company you’re looking for.


To summarize we buy houses as is with cash, in any situation, in any condition with no costs to the seller.

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