Dave – The HeirEast Austin house purchased for cash in 2016

Dave had inherited a house in Manor, TX about 30 minutes from his own home in Elgin.  Although he loved the house, the constant maintenance had become overwhelming.  It had been vacant for over two years and needed significant repairs.

Dave called us and told us about his situation.  He had made up his mind that he wanted to sell the house but was weighing his options.  He was considering selling it traditionally with a realtor but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning up the house.

We told him that’s no problem because we buy houses as is which would be perfect for his situation.  We made an appointment to see the house and made him an offer on the spot which he accepted.

But we don’t stop helping homeowners once the offer is accepted.  We help make sure the transaction proceeds smoothly all the way through the closing.  We set up a remote closing so he didn’t even have to leave his house to get his money.

Dave is a perfect example of how we provide value to homeowners in the Austin area.  See what he had to say about our service:

“Just a quick thank you to y’all for making our transaction quick and simple! I appreciate the professionalism and friendliness y’all displayed throughout the whole process.” – Dave S.